Gettin’ It Done!

glory-300x131Wednesday I spent some time at Central Park with hundreds of people from our congregation and thousands from the community. Together, we enjoyed “Glory SCV”—Santa Clarita’s premier Christian music festival. It was a fantastic day! The music was great, the fellowship was high, people’s hearts were filled with joy, and the body of Christ was strengthened in our community.

What I loved most about this event, though, was that at the heart of all that was happening in the park were hundreds of people volunteering and serving. It was really great to see. There were people working the parking lot, the sound booth, the merchandise booths, the prayer tent, the food areas, security, stage crew, and the list goes on. People who were willing to give of themselves prepared the soil for people to attend this event and leave truly enriched and invigorated in their faith. Many of you were among those servants. Thank you so much for all that you did to make this happen. That servant-heartedness truly made this event sing (pun intended).

Let me talk to you a minute about Barry. Barry and Jenny McKeever are part of our congregation and quite involved in the SCV community. Barry is the host of the Sunday night Christian Music show on KHTS AM 1220 each week from 5–7pm, and he loves Contemporary Christian Music. He’s the driving force behind making Glory SCV happen. He and Jenny have prayed this into being and personally promoted it, doing all the legwork and administration along with a small group of key volunteers.

When Barry and I walked off the platform at the end as the lights went down on Wednesday night, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of something I knew I needed to share with him. What he (and his wife and team) had just done was a huge benefit to the kingdom of God in Santa Clarita. I let Barry know that “this” is what it’s all about—people listening to God’s call on their lives and taking the bold steps necessary to make that call come to fruition—people who are willing to “get it done”. You see, if everything that needs to happen for the kingdom of God in a community has to be directed by the pastors in the community, then there is a significant limitation to what can be accomplished. But when God’s people will boldly listen to Him and move forward with what He’s telling them, then there’s no end to what can happen.

Glory SCV ended up uniting the body of Christ in our community, strengthening the faith of believers, and doing things that pastors alone could not make happen. It was an awesome action of “audacious faith”—to borrow a phrase from our summer reading book—that had a huge impact on Santa Clarita.

So, if you’re thinking something big should happen, but you’re waiting for someone else to get it done, you might start asking why the thought came to you in the first place. It could just be that God has bigger plans for you than you ever realized. Together, we can be used by God to change a community. That’s gettin’ it done!

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